Mike Dillon: Talkin’ Favorites – Ignitin’ Dance Parties

C1073A00-06EC-E154-E9D6943875124889Press Room Scribe: What is your favorite:


Mike Dillon: Black

PR: Shape?

MD: Circle

PR: Number?

MD: 23

PR: Drummer?

MD: Elvin Jones

PR: Composer?

MD: Stravinsky

PR: Holiday?

MD: Halloween

PR: Planet

MD: Pluto

PR: Anthem?

MD: “Carly Hates The DubStep”

PR: Wrap?

MD: Tofu with peanut sauce

PR: Water?

MD: Mountain springs

PR: Song to Cover?

MD: “Half Right” by Elliot Smith

PR: Vegetable?

MD: Kale

PR: Festival?

MD: Summer Camp

PR: Animal?

MD: Dog

PR: Preparation of Tofu?

MD: Fried

PR: Cheese?

MD: Cheddar

PR: Bean

MD: Black

PR: Herb?

MD: Tumeric

PR: Toy?

MD: Whistle

PR: President?

MD: Franklin

PR: Season?

MD: Fall

PR: If you weren’t playing drums/percussion, what would you be doing?

MD: Saving animals.

PR: What excites you about the upcoming gig at the Press Room?

MD: Hanging out with (general manager) Bruce Pingree, the coolest dude in Portsmouth. Tristan Law, and the people of Portsmouth that that come and rock with us.

PR:What is the tour soundtrack sounding like in the van right now?

MD: Swans. Dark, tribal and moody.

PR: What are folks in for when you roll into town on Saturday?

MD: A high-energy dance party.