Mike Effenberger's Weird Turn Pro

Mike Effenberger's Weird Turn Pro

Wed, June 14, 2017

9:00 pm


Mike Effenberger's Weird Turn Pro
Mike Effenberger's Weird Turn Pro
Weird Turn Pro is a group which performs the music of seacoast musician Mike Effenberger, who is always a sideman but never a bandleader.. until now. The group includes area greats Chris Klaxton, Matt Langley, and Kendall Moore on horns and reeds, as well as Mike Walsh, Rob Gerry in the rhythm section.

From Seacoast Online -

"When Seacoast musician/composer Mike Effenberger speaks to you, you listen. If he asks you a question, you do your best to offer a response. If he sends you an email, you look twice, and if he did indeed send you an email, you open it, and you read it.

What we find in the latest e-communication from the bearded wizard is that he is forming a band to play his own music. This is not standard news. The band's name: Weird Turn Pro. Interestingly apt. He invites us to bear witness to this latest musical happening, as it unfolds, live in the flesh, at Sonny’s in Dover on Sunday, Jan. 24th. This debut marks the beginning of a semi-regular “thing” which will lend itself to the recording and release of a proper album “sometime in the fall.” This is all exciting stuff.

Then he leads you to his newly formed Bandcamp page, which offers a live recording of frogs. Seriously. Check it out: weirdturnpro.bandcamp.com
When Mike Effenberger asks you to listen to frogs, you listen to frogs. All one minute and 16 seconds of ‘em."

~Christopher Hislop
Venue Information:
The Press Room
77 Daniel Street
Portsmouth, NH, 03801