Walking the Tightrope with Chatham County Line

Press Room Scribe: Let’s talk about “Tightrope.” What were the goals behind putting this record together? Can you talk about the thematic element of the tightrope and how it pertains to this batch of tunes? Dave Wilson: We’ve always felt like we straddled the line between familiar strains of music, including bluegrass, folk, country, as […]

Mike Dillon: Talkin’ Favorites – Ignitin’ Dance Parties

Press Room Scribe: What is your favorite: Color? Mike Dillon: Black PR: Shape? MD: Circle PR: Number? MD: 23 PR: Drummer? MD: Elvin Jones PR: Composer? MD: Stravinsky PR: Holiday? MD: Halloween PR: Planet MD: Pluto PR: Anthem? MD: “Carly Hates The DubStep” PR: Wrap? MD: Tofu with peanut sauce PR: Water? MD: Mountain springs […]