We are located at 77 Daniel Street in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

We are open seven days a week:

Monday 5-1
Tuesday 4-1
Wednesday 4-1
Thursday 4-1
Friday 12-1
Saturday 12-1
Sunday 4-1

Credit Cards:

We accept Visa/Mastercard/Amex and Discover.

More Information:

*Want to book a gig?*
Pretty easy, just write Max at pressroombooking (at)
gmail (dot) com

Please allow some time for a response, don’t give up or get angry if it
takes a while to get in the room.

*Please no Facebook messages or phone calls.*

*Want to rent the upstairs for your party?*
Write to Max at pressroombooking (at) gmail (dot ) com

*Questions about who is playing or the website listings?*
You guessed it, email Max at pressroombooking (at) gmail (dot) com. If you
call the press room they will just refer you to the email address, so
please do not hassle our beautiful staff! They likely know as much /
little as you do.

*Want to lodge a complaint?*
Take a nice walk, or have a nights sleep, really think about the good
things in life, and if you’re still upset, email Max.