Where are you guys located?
77 Daniel Street in Portsmouth New Hampshire (across from the Post Office)

I hate walking, do you have parking? Or how about valet service?
There’s on street parking right out in front but that is never guaranteed (especially in the summer.) However, the parking garage and municipal lot are located close by (a five minute walk if you take your time.) It’s a beautiful town to stroll through! We do not valet.

Are you handicapped accessible?
Unfortunately we are not. There is a small step (about six inches) at our front door, and a stairway to our second floor venue. However we have a very helpful and creative staff, if you call ahead it’s very likely we can accommodate you.

Do you serve food?
We sure do, check out our menu page. As our kitchen is quite tiny, during busy periods, some meals will take a little longer. If you’re in a hurry, check with your server before you order. If you’re in no rush, then you are a rare and sweet breed of person and we’ll likely be friends.

I’m very drunk and would like another drink. Why won’t you serve me?
You said it yourself, sorry man! You’re too drunk. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

But I’m walking to my hotel.
That is great! You should never drink and drive. Also, you are not getting another drink.


Do you have seating?
We do, but it depends on the show. For most shows we offer mostly standing room, with a few tables and seats at the bar. Call ahead for a more detailed seating plan on the specific show you’re attending.

I have trouble standing for long periods and/or a disability, can I reserve a seat?
Of course! Please call ahead so we can make the proper arrangements for you.

I’m not 21 but I really love this band, can’t I get in just this once?
If you bring a parent or legal guardian, we’d love to see you. If not, then we’ll see you when you’re 21.

Do you have a coat check?

What time is the show going to start/end?
That all depends on the show, mostly though, we try to open the doors around 9, start the show around 9:30, and wrap it up around midnight. Things happen though, so all show times are approximate, please call ahead for specific details.

Do you have a dress code?
No, wear whatever you feel best expresses you. Has to be clothes though. That’s a must.

Why is there a cover charge?
That’s how we pay the musicians. All of the money collected from tickets/door goes directly to the artist, (maybe we take a couple of dollars for expenses.) You should be stoked to help support the arts bro!

How I do buy tickets?
Right here on our website.

Will the show sell out?
We sure hope so. Buy a ticket!

Can I bring a camera? Recording device?
That usually depends on the bands, but a small camera is usually cool. Contact the band’s management before hand just on the safe side.


Are you hiring? I’m a really great worker.
Maybe. Drop off a resume or write an essay on why you should be considered as an employee.

You should book my band, I’m great.
Head on over to the contact page and follow the directions there.